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The Founder

Late Janab Haji Syed Ubaidulla Sahib

The Founder

Late Janab Haji Syed Ubaidulla was born on Oct 22, 1934, in the remote town of Tiruvannamalai, Tamil Nadu. He came from a family with poor economic and educational background. Faced with financial constraints, he was able to successfully complete his schooling in Tirupattur and secure his B.A. degree from Islamiya College, Vaniyambadi, Tamil Nadu.

After completing his degree, he moved to Madras where he completed his M.A; B.Lib. Sci and M.L.I.S from the University of Madras.

His passion for Education was so much that he never let his financial constraints come against his goals. Some situations included reading under the corporation street lights, taking Tutions to meet his ends, or getting help from friends. His education career spanned across various educational institutions in Tamil Nadu as a Teacher or a Head Master in Govt. Schools to a Lecturer in famed Pachiappas College and  New College etc.

He was posted as a Senior Librarian in the central Govt’s National Institute of Technical Teachers’ Training and Research, Chennai. He was instrumental in growing the Information Science department with outstanding collections of books and materials from around the world.

He never let his professional service dilute his desire for spreading education among students, specifically downtrodden Girls students. He went back to his native town Tirupattur where he completed his early schooling. The Town was economically backward with a very low or nil literacy rate. He was very much concerned and disappointed specifically on the high dropout rate of Girls even in basic elementary level schools.

Using some of his own savings and from support from well-wishers, he started a small elementary school for Girls in Aug 1964. From there he didn’t look back, with support from his wife as well the School grew in strength over the years and was transformed into a higher secondary institution. Now the institution is supporting the educational needs of over 1000+ Girls annually with the support of Govt.

The transformation of the town because of his efforts on the educational front was so impressive, that the School has been consistently securing more than 90% pass out rate in Higher and Secondary grades. He has sown the seeds of education which have grown into a big tree providing fruits of education to the Girls all through the years.

 Apart from setting up different educational institutions, he stressed the vocational skill development needed for the economic upliftment of poor women and girls. He set up Vocational Training Institutes for Dress Designing, Typewriting, and Teacher Training.

His passion for spreading education was still vibrant during his final stages of life as well. With a strong foundation and after establishing a good team, his only desire was the light of education should never fade out. He breathed his last in Mar 2017 leaving back his legacy of educational upliftment for Girls. The Town locals famously regard him as the “Sir Syed of Tirupattur” for bringing in an educational revolution among the illiterate Girls and Women.

In 2020, it was the only school in the District, to secure all the Top 3 ranks in Higher Grade, testimony to the strong foundation laid by the founder.