Management Committee

The Management Committee is a registered body under the Trust and Societies Act. It comprises distinguished professionals with an undying concern for social causes headed by an elected President. The Honorary Secretary, the Treasurer, and the Members are the office bearers of the Management Committee.

Mr. S. Hussain Afroze

Mr. S. Hussain Afroze, (M.B.A, B.A, B.L) is the Correspondent and Managing Trustee of Ubaibas Foundation Educational and Charitable Trust, he has done law and has over 20 years of experience in imparting education and serving needy children educationally.

Mr. S. Hussain Zaheer

Mr. S. Hussain Zaheer, (M.S, B.E) is one of the Trustee, he has done his Engineering and is presently based in the USA, his contribution to the institutions are immense by helping the needy girl students with uniforms, footwear, and feeding.

Ms. B. Fathimunissa

Ms. B. Fathimunissa, (M.A, B.Ed) is the senior-most trustee having rich experience in teaching has been the former Headmistress of Ubaibas Girls Primary school, under her leadership and guidance the school flourished immensely.

Mr. Sibgatullah

Mr. Sibgatullah, one of the Senior Trustee, he is one of the founding member of the Trust and his efforts and contributions are appreciated.

Mr. S. Hussain Mushruf

Mr. S. Hussain Mushruf, (M.B.A, B.E) is the Trustee and his activities include donating needy students with uniforms, footwear, and feeding.